Research of Guaifenesin as Treatment for Fibromyalgia

Doctors may from time to time recommend the intake of Guaifenesin which is a form of medication that is mildly a uricosuric drug (used to treat gout as well as stimulate urinary excretion of uric acid) to treat fibromyalgia pain. Researchers have lately begun to recognize that uricosuric drugs could also work as fibromyalgia medication. The concept of this treatment mode is that this type of drugs help to remedy some type of chemical disparity in the body that causes signs of fibromyalgia.

As it is with any other medication, your physician should help you determine the amount of dosage fit for your condition. However, the prescribed amount could differ from 300 milligrams for two times a day to 3600 milligrams daily. It is also suggested that the dose be taken with plenty of water and further intake of extra fluids all through the day to help removal of extra waste from the urinary system. Guaifenesin drugs comes in form of capsules, tablets or syrup form hence the physician should also recommend the type that would work best for you.

The side effects of this medication varies but may include dizziness, headaches, stomach upset or vomiting after taking the medication. It is important to also not that it is not known whether Guaifenesin will be of any harm to an unborn child if taken by an antenatal woman therefore it is important to seek your doctors’ opinion if you’re expectant. Breast-feeding mothers are also advised to take caution as it may affect breast milk hence should seek further guidance from their neonatologist before taking the medication. Guaifenesin has also not been permitted by Food and Drug Administration board for children below 2 years. Another fact to be aware of is that this drug cannot be used together with aspirin, aloe or herbal drugs because the salicylate components found in this products hinders the action of Guaifenesin.

The progress of whether the medication works for you is measured by the degree of reduction of symptoms and the subsidence in pain and spasms in the gentle parts of the body. Alike other medication, fibromyalgia medication should be taken according to the instructions on the package and the pharmacists or physicians guidelines. Dosage of Guaifenesin should not be altered or tampered with and if symptoms persist or do not improve within 7 days of intake, patient is advised to seek further consultation from their physician.


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