Medical Marijuana as Fibromyalgia Medication

Fibromyalgia syndrome is a chronic pain that is also characterized by joints tenderness and it is difficult to treat. Well, up to today, there is no known cure for this pain syndrome and the best treatment available is getting rid of the pain and allow the patient to lead a normal life. There are numerous known fibromyalgia medication in use which include pain relievers, muscle relaxants and even physical therapy. These fibromyalgia medications are meant to relieve pain in patients and make them lead a healthy life. Fibromyalgia is characterized with so much pain that if left untreated it could make life extremely unbearable.

People who suffer from fibromyalgia syndrome have claimed that medical marijuana also offers the pain relief they seek. Well, medical marijuana is a very controversial drug, but has been widely used for decades by cancer patients to reduce the effect of chemotherapy. This drug is known for its natural effects and relieves chronic pain that is associated with some diseases like cancer and aids. The smoke form of medical marijuana can also help ease the debilitating pain associated with fibromyalgia.

Synthesized Version of THC

Most people may not believe that medical marijuana can be a good option when it comes to fibromyalgia due to its effects on people in general. Some doctors have even come out and say that a medication by the name Marinol contains a synthesized version of THC that is found on marijuana which is responsible for the pain relief ability. Marinol was approved decades ago by the FDA as a pain reliever. Medical marijuana is known to be better than Marinol since it contains numerous cannabinoids while the latter contains only one form. The different types of cannabinoids play a huge role in reducing the adverse effects of fibromyalgia thus making medical marijuana better in treating fibromyalgia.

Legality of Medical Marijuana

Doctors have prescribed medical marijuana until in early 1940s when it was taken off the U.S pharmacopeia. However, times have changed now as medical marijuana is legalized across several states. You can now buy medical marijuana from a local store and use it as a pain reliever. This has come as good news for fibromyalgia sufferers across the U.S as they now have access to the most natural pain relieverever known to man. Medical marijuana is a good fibromyalgia medication option as it contains cannabinoids that offer pain relief.

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