How Do Fibromyalgia Medication Compare?

Medication is aimed to reduce the symptoms as well as offer relief to a patient in the long run. Each medication works differently to relieve fibromyalgia symptoms but there are distinguishing factors that aid a physician to determine which drug would work best and when and how to use it. The productivity of a drug could be measures by its effectiveness to reduce a symptom and its safety towards the patents health. Even with side effects, the doctor may recommend a lower dosage to make sure the drug still works effectively to the patients benefit.

Research shows that most fibromyalgia medication reduce pain to a similar level and although certain drugs according to studies conducted may be more effective than others, there is no clear indication that one type of medication works better than another. Similar to other drugs, even fibromyalgia medication may lose their value with time. Hardly any studies have compared one drug parallel to another. For instance, Duloxetine and Pregabalin have been considered to be better than Milnacipran in reduction of sleep related problems and improve the quality of life while Duloxetine and Milnacipran have been studied to be better than Pregabalin in treating depression symptoms. There is no much difference in complete reduction of pain symptoms between these drugs since a meta-analysis of all the existing data establish that not any of the fibromyalgia medication is superior to another.

With fibromyalgia medication, serious side effects are rare although all the antidepressants have the probability to increase suicide attempts and many of the fibromyalgia medication may also increase the risk of serotonin-syndrome (drug reaction that causes the body to have too much serotonin). However, there is no significant difference amongst drugs in the fraction of fibromyalgia patients who stop taking them for some reason or in the fraction of patients who stop taking them because of their adverse side effects. The other rare but serious side effects may include heart related issues like heart arrhythmias for amitriptyline medication or rapid heartbeat for Milnacipran.

These side effects are very rare but close specialist care is necessary to avoid severe side effects and interference with other prescribed medications. Fibromyalgia patients are further advised to stick to doctor’s prescription and seek guidance before altering any dosage. They should also avoid alcohol, make sure to have ample sleep and avoid other sedating medicines while taking fibromyalgia medication for the best results.

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