Does Fibromyalgia Medication Side Effects Contribute to your Symptoms?

Fibromyalgia is a medical condition that is characterized with one feeling chronic pain all over their body and tenderness around the joint. Researches are still being carried out to find the cure for this painful condition. While a breakthrough as yet to be found, there exist fibromyalgia medications that could suppress the symptoms associated with the condition and help one lead a normal life.

Some of these medications have been used for years now and have proved helpful in easing pain, tiredness and enable one to sleep at night. These medications include pain relievers, muscle relaxants and antidepressants which are available as over the counter drugs. However, one should always consult with their doctors before including any of these drugs in their treatment regimen.

Awareness in the kind of medication recommended by your physician could save you a lot in the long run. Many people tend to take medication blindly even without asking the physician or the pharmacist if there is anything they should take caution of when taking the drugs. Side effects are common with any type of medication but how do you know if you are facing a side effect if you do not ask the possibilities?

Most fibromyalgia patients are continuously on more than one drug at the time they are taking the medicine prescribed. This may cause multiple side effects as the combination of some drugs does not align with the body’s normal functions. For example the combination of a drug for fatigue and that one of sleep and another for nausea or maybe an antacid could mean that there is a chance that the patient may have a stomach upset or get nauseated once they take the medication. The stomach medication or antacid may reduce their discomfort or symptoms to a minimal degree but often patients who experience “fibro fog” could be as a result of the multiple medication they intake.

Some side effects like fatigue associated with anti-depressants could be very hard to deal with especially if that is your most significant symptom. But, the doctor may recommend the intake of more than one medication to ease the symptom in question.

As much as fibromyalgia medication can suppress the symptoms associated with this medical condition, one shouldn’t ignore the side effects that come with their intake. Doctors usually take everything into account before recommending a specific type of fibromyalgia medication for you so that you experience less side effects.

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