About Us

It is common knowledge that most fibromyalgia specialists are either physiatrists or rheumatologists and one can never assume that any of these experts are knowledgeable and helpful. In some other cases specialists that claim to treat fibromyalgia may be anesthesiologists, internists, or even neurologists. How then do you ascertain if you are dealing with the right professional? Well, this is the reason why we are here for you. We make this process a simple and effective one. As a team of highly professional, well-trained fibromyalgia experts we offer exceptional diagnosis and treatment of the condition. We even provide reliable doctor referrals to our clients.

There are ideally many ways of finding a fibromyalgia specialist; the first option may be to look out for a list of specialists from national fibromyalgia organizations and secondly you can ask for recommendations from your local fibromyalgia support group. You can also rely on doctor referrals though not all of them give sufficient information. It is always recommended that specialists who have a reliable list of fibromyalgia specialists forward them to the organizations who keep a list of the same.

Proper treatment of fibromyalgia begins with a proper diagnosis. Without this it will be impossible to treat the syndrome. It is even very challenging to distinguish it from other similar disorders since it shares common symptoms and signs. Therefore your first step that is very important is to find a reliable fibromyalgia specialist. This specialist will conduct a tender point examination and may inform you that it is impossible to cure this condition. However, the condition can be managed using some medications, exercise and alternative treatments.

As professional fibromyalgia specialists, we understand all that is required for a proper diagnosis and treatment of the condition and thus we are here to help the many people who are suffering from the condition. We not only link you to health experts but we also educate and train our patients so that they can better understand about fibromyalgia. With fibromyalgia being a condition with no cure and mimicking other disorders, it poses a great risk to the many people who may have it and yet do not know. We work hand-in-hand with other fibromyalgia experts so as to ensure you know how to identify the condition, get proper diagnosis, and ensure we eliminate the pain you undergo as a result of the condition. We are here to offer specialist service, fast relief, eliminate pain and make our clients happy.